Friday, January 9, 2009

Ricotta and Tomato Lasagne

I made this lasagne using almond ricotta and it was totally yummy. I assembled the lasagne in the morning and left it in the fridge all day, as my energy levels are generally better in the morning but you could put it together and pop it straight in the oven. Even my DO, who loves meaty, cheesy and fatty lasagne enjoyed this low fat version. I adapted this recipe from Josh Latham's Spinach Lasagna recipe on his wonderful site, My Vegan Cookbook. (I did take a few photographs of this dish but for some reason, they didn't load onto my computer and I deleted all the photos from my camera...grrr.)

Ricotta and Tomato Lasagne

2 cups Almond 'ricotta'
100 grams baby spinach leaves
500 gram jar pasta sauce. (The one I used was generic and choc-a-block full of olives)
instant lasagne sheets
1 heaped teaspoon vegetable stock powder
8 water crackers

Cook spinach leaves until wilted in a small quantity of water. Drain well and then chop finally. With a spoon, stir the spinach leaves through the ricotta.

Next, lightly spray a lasagne dish or a large squarish shallow casserole dish.

Start layering with the tomato sauce at the bottom to prevent sticking. Then a lasagne sheet layer, then a spinach ricotta layer the lasagne sheets, then a pasta sauce layer and keep repeating the layers until you get to the last layer with just pasta sauce on the top.

Crush the water crackers and mix the stock powder with the cracker crumbs and spinkle over the top of the lasagne.

Bake covered until it becomes bubbly hot.

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