Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's working!!!

It was time for my blood test to determine how my thyroid meds were working and to see if my cholesterol had changed.

According to the doctor, my thyroid hormone levels are good and it was my antibodies attacking my thyroid gland. He said something else about the area being attacked was the hormones affecting my brain. I didn't quite understand him. But then the most interesting thing of all, my cholesterol levels, especially the bad cholesterol had dropped from 9.7 to 5.2 in only 5 weeks! He went so far as to say it is a remarkable change without the use of medication!!

I rang DO at work and told him and he was really pleased. He is quite happy to continue with me cooking vegan foods as long as he gets meat and cheese and dairy milk occasionally.

We had a salad for dinner, which is the first salad since I have been officially vegan. It was too hot to cook too much but I still served lentil patties with my spicy peanut sauce along with the potato salad, lettuce, tomatoes and coleslaw. I made extra sauce as it is DO's favourite and he was looking forward to eating it again.

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